Animal Food

Eat bugs for survival? The U.N. says it’s a good idea in new promotion for Entomophagy

The has begun promoting edible insects as a low-fat, high protein food for people, pets, and livestock. According to the , they come with appetizing side benefits: reducing greenhouse gas emissions, creating jobs in developing countries, and feeding millions of hungry people around the world. And yes, bugs can be…
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Dangerous animals – complete guide to deadly creatures in the wilderness

Introduction The threat from animals is less than from other parts of the environment. However, common sense tells you to avoid encounters with lions, bears, and other large or dangerous animals. You should also avoid large grazing animals with horns, hooves, and great weight. Move carefully through their environment. Caution…
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First Aid

Insects are hazards in a survival situation – how to treat bites and insect stings.

Insect Hazards Insects and related pests are hazards in a survival situation. Insects bite as a defensive mechanism or to feed off of the host.  They not only cause irritations, but they are often carriers of diseases that cause severe allergic reactions in some individuals. In many parts of the…
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