Compact Survival Cord (Gearward)

Survivalists recognize the importance of traditional 550 paracord. It’s strong, compact, easy to work with, and provides all the characteristic benefits of cordage that a survivalist requires to stay alive (hey, if it’s good enough to suspend a parachute, it’s good enough for me). Thus far, there’s been no true alternative to paracord. Today that may have changed as Gearward, a Los Angeles based company that focuses on the development of high performance gear for urban preparedness and outdoor survival, has taken a serious leap forward with their introduction of Compact Survival Cord.

The high-strength Compact Survival Cord (CSC) is small enough to carry in your pocket while still being strong enough to count on in an emergency. Composed of three twisted Kevlar strands, each spool of CSC contains 60 feet of 200lb Kevlar-constructed line. When broken down, the 60-foot line produces 180 feet of 60lb Kevlar thread, perfect for sewing, fishing, repairing gear, securing items, shelter construction, or as a trip wire in trap construction. To top it off, given Kevlar’s inherent heat-resistance properties, the Compact Survival Cord can even be used as a friction saw to cut through wood or PVC.

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