One-Pole Parachute Tepee

You need material for a canopy, stakes, a stout center pole, paracord rope, and an inner core and needle to construct this tepee.

One-Pole parachute tepee

To make this tepee:

  1. Select a shelter site and scribe a circle about 4 meters (13 feet) in diameter on the ground.
  2. Attach lines around the perimeter of the canopy material.
  3. Stake the canopy material to the ground.
  4. After deciding where to place the shelter door, place a stake and tie the canopy securely to it.
  5. Stretch the material taut to the next line, emplace a stake on the scribed line, and tie the line to it.
  6. Continue the staking process until you have tied all the lines.
  7. Loosely attach the top of the material to the center pole with a suspension line and, through trial and error, determine the point at which the material will be pulled tight once the center pole is upright.
  8. Securely attach the material to the pole.
  9. Sew the ends of the material together leaving 1 to 1.2 meters (3 to 4 feet) for a door.