No-Pole Parachute Tepee

Except for the center pole, you use the same materials for a no-pole parachute tepee, as
for the one-pole parachute tepee.

No-Pole parachute tepee shelter

To make this tepee, you should:

  1. Tie a line to the top of parachute material with a previously cut line.
  2. Throw the line over a tree limb, and tie it to the tree trunk.
  3. Starting at the opposite side from the door, emplace a stake on the scribed 3.5- to 4.3-meter (12- to 14-foot) circle.
  4. Continue emplacing the stakes and tying the lines to them.
  5. After staking down the material, unfasten the line tied to the tree trunk, tighten the tepee material by pulling on this line, and tie it securely to the tree trunk.