Wild caper (Capparis aphylla)

Scrubby Wild Caper tree (bush) in the wildWild Caper, also known as Kerda, Kair, Karir, Kirir, and Karril, is a small branched tree or thorny shrub that bears many thin, often tangled looking, leafless branches and grows to a height of about 15 feet.  Leaves are usually only found on young shoots and mature plants lose their leaves during the dry season. Its stems are gray-green and its flowers pink.  It bears green berries that turn pink when mature (birds are very fond of the berries).

Habitat and Distribution: These shrubs form large stands in scrub and thorn forests and in desert scrub and waste. They are common throughout North Africa and the Middle East.

Edible Parts: The spicy fruit and the flower buds of young shoots are edible raw.

Wild Caper tree with tangled branches and berries

Wild Caper with ripe fruit

Unripe, green Wild Caper berries

Ripe Wild Caper berries