Sorghum (Sorghum species)

Sorghum grainThere are many different kinds of sorghum, all of which bear grains in heads at the top of the plants. The grains are brown, white, red, or black. Sorghum is the main food crop in many parts of the world.

Sorghum plantsSorghum has many names including Durra, Egyptian Millet, Feterita, Guinea Corn (Africa), Jwari, Jowar (India), Juwar, Milo (Spain), Kaolian (China), Shallu, Sudan Grass, Jondle (Maharashtra, India), Cholam (Tamil Nadu, India), Jola(Karnataka, India), Jonnalu (Andhra Pradesh, India), Gaoliang, Great Millet, Kafir Corn (Africa), Dura, Dari, Mtama, and Solam and Jawari (Maharashtra).

Sorghum has long, wide leaves growing off the stalk.  Sorghum seed is small and round.

Where to Find: Sorghum is found worldwide, usually in warmer climates. All species are found in open, sunny areas.

Edible Parts: The grains are edible at any stage of development. When young, the grains are milky and edible raw. Boil the older grains. Sorghum is a nutritious food.

Other Uses: Use the stems of tall sorghum as building materials.

Field of Sorghum plants

Sorghum grain head

Sorghum grain head

Mature Sorghum grain head

Cultivated Sorghum plants

Sorghum plant

Sorghum stem, leaves, and grain

Sorghum leaf and grain head

Color drawing of Sorghum plant illustrating plant, grain, and leaf

Sorghum plant samples including stems, grain, and leaves

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