Sea orach (Atriplex halimus)

Sea orach plantThe sea orach (also known as Shrubby Orache, Saltbush)  is a sparingly branched herbaceous plant with small, gray-colored leaves up to 2.5 centimeters (1 inch) long. It is an evergreen shrub growing 6-9 feet tall.  Sea orach resembles lamb’s quarter, a common weed in most gardens in the United States. It produces its flowers in narrow, densely compacted spikes at the tips of its branches.

Where to Find: Sea orach leafThe Sea orach is found in highly alkaline and salty areas along seashores from the Mediterranean countries to inland areas in North Africa and eastward to
Turkey and central Siberia. Generally, it can be found in tropical scrub and thorn forests, steppes in temperate regions, and most desert scrub and waste areas.  It favors alkaline and saline soils.

Edible Parts: Its leaves are edible raw or cooked. In the areas where it grows, it has the healthy reputation of being one of the few native plants that can sustain man in times of want.  The leaves can be dried and ground to use as a flavoring.  The leaves have a nice, rather salty flavor.

Sea orach plant in the wild

Sea orach leaves

Sea orach plant

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