Rose apple (Eugenia jambos, Syzygium jambos)

Rose Apple stamens are very longThe Rose Apple tree (also known as Malabar Plum, Plum Rose, Water Apple) grows 3 to 9 meters (9 to 27 feet) high. It is typically a low-branching shrub with smooth dark brown bark.  It has smooth, opposite, simple, dark green (red while growing), shiny leaves which are feather shaped (i.e. pointed at both ends). When fresh, it has fluffy, yellowish-green or greenish white flowers with very long stamens.  The fruit is a red to purple egg-shaped fruit containing one or two large seeds that lie loose in a cavity when the fruit is ripe (you can shake the fruit to see if it is ripe)  The skin of the fruit is think and waxy..

Where to Find: This tree is widely planted in all of the tropics. It can also be found in a semi-wild state in thickets, waste places, and secondary forests.

Edible Parts: The entire fruit is edible raw or cooked but is not particularly nutritious.

Other Uses: The dense wood is a good source of charcoal.

Rose Apple fruit on the tree

Opened Rose Apple fruit shows seeds located in empty cavity

Rose Apple fruit on the branch

Rose Apple flower and stamens

Red Rose Apple fruit

Rose Apple leaves are typically dark green but can be reddish green when growing

Color drawing of Rose Apple illustrating the plant components

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