Duchesnea or Indian strawberry (Potentilla indica or Duchesnea indica)

Indian strawberryThe edible duchesnea (also known as mock stawberry, Indian strawberry, or false strawberry) is a small plant that has runners and three-parted leaves. It is similar to a strawberry except it has yellow flowers (a strawberry has white or slightly pink flowers).  Its leaves are roughly veined beneath and dark green.  The plant spreads along the ground, rooting and producing crowns at each node.  The fruits are white or red.  It is considered an invasive species in the United States.

Where to Find: It is native to southern Asia but is a common weed in warmer temperate regions. Look for it in lawns, gardens, and along roads.

Edible Parts: Its fruit is edible but has very little taste. Eat it fresh.

Indian strawberry leaves, flower, and fruit

Indian strawberry

Indian strawberry leaves

Indian strawberry leaves and fruit

Creeping Indian strawberry is considered an invasive species

Indian strawberry yellow flower

Line drawing of Indian strawberry

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