Burl Palm (or Cabbage Palm) (Corypha elata or Corypha utan)

Burl Palm (or Cabbage Palm) (Corypha elata or Corypha utan)This tree may reach 18 meters (60 feet) in height. It has large, fan-shaped leaves up to 3 meters (10 feet) long and split into about 100 narrow segments. It bears flowers in huge dusters at the top of the tree. The tree dies after flowering.

Where to FInd: This tree grows in coastal areas of the East Indies.

Edible Parts: The trunk contains starch that is edible raw. The very tip of the trunk is also edible raw or cooked. You can get large quantities of liquid by bruising the flowering stalk. The kernels of the nuts are edible.

Note: The seed covering may cause dermatitis in some

Other Uses: You can use the leaves as weaving material.

Large Burl or Cabbage Palm tree

Burl Palm nuts

Burl Palm

Burl or Cabbage Palm leaves