Rhinoceros viper or river jack
Bitis nasicornis

Rhnioceros viper or River jack snakeDescription: Brightly colored with purplish to reddish-brown markings and black and light olive markings along the back. On its head it has a triangular marking that starts at the tip of the nose. It has a pair of long horns (scales) on the tip of its nose.

Head of River Jack snakeCharacteristics: Its appearance is awesome; its horns and very rough scales give it a sinister look. It has an irritable disposition. It is not aggressive but will stand its ground ready to strike if disturbed. Its venom is neurotoxic and hemotoxic.

Habitat: Rain forests, along waterways, and in swamps.

Length: Average 75 centimeters (30 inches), maximum 1 meter (3 feet).

Distribution: Equatorial Africa.