Introduction to survival plannning

Survival_kit2A survival plan is critical to your ability to survive.  There are three components to a survival plan – planning, preparation, and practice.  By visiting the Wilderness Arena website, you have already taken the first step.  Planning is nothing more than understanding that a situation could arise that would require survival techniques in order to live and with that in mind, taking the necessary steps to increase your chance of survival.

Survival planning considerations

Planning involves taking into consideration the environment you will be operating in, the distance you will be required to travel and the elapsed time during which you will be operating in survival mode, the terrain and weather conditions.

Preparation to survive

Preparing yourself and your survival kit (or bugout bag) are critical.

Important pre-planning steps include:

  • Making sure your immunizations and dental work are up-to-date
  • Keeping your survival kit up-to-date and in working order (including pre-assembly of components)
  • Having proper clothing on hand and broken in (which will occur during your practice runs)
  • Study nearby areas, terrain, indigenous methods of food and water procurement and periodically reevaluate as needed.

Practice for survivability

Once you have planned and prepared, you must hone your survival skills through practice.  Taking a two or three-day backpacking trip is not only excellent practice but a fun outing for you and your family.



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